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The Cognitive Enhancing Benefits Of Brain Pills


Brain pills, or nootropics as they are often called, are supplements that can have beneficial effects on the cognitive functioning of many people, including healthy people. Pills from the leading brands can boost motivation, alertness, creativity, memory recall, and overall cognitive function. Nootropic supplements can be a great help to those suffering from age-related declination in brain function and college students having trouble studying for exams.

Many people prefer to buy natural herbal nootropic supplements as opposed to lab-formulated synthetic smarts drugs because they can have fewer side effects. Organic, natural cognitive enhancers, however, are often outside the price range of many shoppers. Wholesale prices on synthetic brain pills make the non-natural supplement option a more budget-friendly choice.

Some of the natural supplements use ingredients like fish oils, caffeine, and Ginkgo biloba. Some of the most beneficial fish oils are the omega-3 oils EPA and DHA. EPA has been shown to have great anti-inflammatory effects on the brain, while DHA has been shown to play an essential role in the maintenance of brain structure and function. Caffeine is found in natural products like tea, coffee, and cocoa powder. Many people ingest caffeine on a daily basis. Caffeine is also one of the main ingredients in many synthetic brain pill formulations.

Before you start taking any type of cognitive enhancing drugs, it’s important to consult with your primary care physician. Such consultation is particularly important if you are currently taking a course of prescription medications or have existing health problems. While most brain pills are generally very safe, many of them can have some nasty side effects in individuals who don’t have 100% health. What’s more, brain stimulants can interact with the mechanisms of many pharmaceutical drugs and impair their effectiveness.

There are many different brain pill, or smart drug, suppliers online. In order to avail of the best prices, you need to look to wholesale suppliers or those based overseas. Be wary about buying any sort of supplement from private sellers on online auction sites like eBay. You need to look for reputable suppliers who have high-quality standards. It doesn’t matter if you are buying natural or synthetic supplements; choosing a reputable supplier is essential.

Note that the science of neurological enhancers is still in its infancy and many leading chemists aren’t completely sure about the effects certain compounds have on the brain. Learn to become a vigilant consumer and pay attention to the potential side effects listed on the pill bottle.


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